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Hospitality Formula Consulting, a Kansas City online marketing company, provides comprehensive online marketing plans for small businesses.  We talk with our clients to determine what challenges they face and create customized solutions to overcome them.  This process creates synergy that is greater than the sum of the individual steps.  By understanding our client’s needs and objectives, we are able to implement a comprehensive plan that produces a much higher return on investment than piecemeal strategies.

Most Kansas City online marketing companies offer a distinct service.  Companies specialize in website design, search engine optimization, mobile websites, video marketing, reputation management, and myriad of other services. When they only provide one service, they must find a way to make their service the answer to your problem.  As a result they are selling the service that is best for them, but not necessarily for you.  Learn More about our Kansas City online marketing services.

Search Engine Optimization

As a Kansas City search engine optimization company, Hospitality Formula Consulting works to provide quantifiable results to our clients.  We focus on using proven strategies to move our clients’ websites higher in Google search results.  The difference this can make on a small business’ revenue is significant.

How important is Google search to traditional “brick and mortar” businesses?  97% of American internet users use the web to shop, of which 57% characterize their behavior as “shop online, purchase offline” (NPD Group).  This means the first impression you make on a potential customer is often through your website.

Whether or not you get the opportunity to make that impression depends on how well your website ranks when someone is searching for your product or service.  The graphic below shows how placement in Google search results impacts the number of people who see your website.Learn more about our Kansas City search engine optimization services.

Website Design

Hospitality Formula Consulting, a Kansas City website design company, creates websites that convert online searchers into new customers.  With a focus on design and function, we create websites that perform well on all devices and follow the most modern styles.  This service is provided with a focus on value and creating the return on investment that small business owners need when making this type of purchase.

It only takes a few clicks on the internet to discover that not all websites are created equally.  This is made more evident as we look at websites on more types of devices than ever before.  Some look great on a computer, but won’t load on a cell phone.  Others are easy to navigate on a cell phone, but look less than professional on a computer monitor.  Your website is the first impression many potential customers will have of your company.  How do you feel about the first impression you are making on your potential customers?  Learn more about our Kansas City website design services.

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Hospitality Formula Consulting focuses on creating synergy between online marketing, website design, and search engine optimization.  Rather than focusing on a single service, we strive to create comprehensive internet marketing plans for our clients.  We understand the frustration of small business owners dealing with multiple companies to meet their online marketing objectives.  Where others offer contrived complexity, we offer comprehensive clarity.

We provide the following services to produce results for our clients:

Website Design

Search Engine Optimization

Mobile Responsive Websites and Apps

Google + Local Optimization

Online Reputation Management

QR Code Marketing

Video Marketing

And Much More

To find out more about what we can do for your business, contact us today for a no obligation online marketing proposal.

Hospitality Formula Consulting prides itself on being able to handle any online marketing challenge our clients bring us.  One such opportunity came recently from Chef Jasper Mirabile of the iconic Jasper’s Restaurant in Kansas City.  He asked if we could design a mobile app that would allow him to remain in constant contact with his regular guests.  The goal was to be able to update the restaurant’s specials and events, and even send out recipes, instantly from his tablet while eating lunch.  While other companies had explained to him why this wasn’t possible, Hospitality Formula Consulting founder David Hayden asked, “What if guests could also make reservations and get driving directions instantly?”

The result was the Jasper’s App, a web-based app that avoids all of the major pitfalls of traditional mobile apps.  We followed up by creating QR codes to make it simple for his guests to download, as well as some online/print ads that will soon be seen in magazines throughout the Kansas City area.

kansas city mobile app

We offer a number of online marketing solutions, but are always looking for a good challenge.  Do you have ideas to grow your business?  If you can imagine it, we are committed to finding a way to make it a reality.  Contact us today to see how we can bring your vision to life.



Hospitality Formula Consulting is a Kansas City search engine optimization, website design, and online marketing company.  We focus on providing superior results for our clients at reasonable prices by utilizing a variety of strategies.  Our customized solutions create comprehensive online marketing plans for our clients by recommending only the services that will produce the maximum return on investment.

Hospitality Formula Consulting was founded by David Hayden, a noted restaurant industry consultant, blogger, and author.  David created a series of websites collectively known as The Hospitality Formula Network.  In under a year, this network of restaurant industry blogs grew from 1,000 visitors a month to nearly 25,000 visitors a month.  As his consulting business grew, restaurant owners kept asking the same question, “How can I get better results from my online marketing?”

David soon began using the same search engine optimization techniques for his clients that he had used for his own websites.  Even in the highly competitive restaurant industry, his clients began rising to the top of Google search results.  This led to local website design companies outsourcing their search engine optimization projects to him.  Behind the scenes, he was able to produce impressive results for their clients.

Hospitality Formula Consulting is the culmination of years of studying strategies and producing results for our clients.  We are committed to staying on the cutting edge of online marketing and website design, while keeping the focus on providing maximum value to our clients.  We believe the internet is the great equalizer for small businesses competing with larger competitors.  The first step is contacting us for a no-obligation consultation and seeing how we can help your business succeed.

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