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Recent changes to the way Facebook displays updates from fan pages has left businesses looking for a better Facebook marketing strategy.  Some have even decided that the only options are to pay for expensive advertising or give up on Facebook marketing altogether.

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 A Facebook marketing strategy that works

from David Hayden, Founder of Hospitality Formula Consulting

David Hayden Kansas City“One of the most common questions I am asked when sitting down with clients for the first time is, “Why don’t more of my Facebook fans see my updates?” Many of them blamed Facebook for changing the rules. This is not the case. The key to reaching more fans is posting content they will interact with. I have studied the Facebook algorithm in depth and tested these strategies on my fan pages. The result was a reach that was significantly higher than the number of fans. This book shows you how I did it and how you can too”  -David Hayden

Smart business owners have always known that the key to Facebook is not how many fans you have.  The key is how many of those fans see your messages and are converted into customers.  The days of using Facebook as a free advertising medium are over.  True results from Facebook in 2013 and beyond can only be achieved by posting quality content.  This is not just a  theory.  Facebook has been telling fan page administrators this since 2010.



The questions then become:

1) What is “high quality content?”


2) How does Facebook measure the quality of content?


Years of studying the Facebook algorithm and the best practices of others led David Hayden to find the answer.  In this book he explains the highly complex concept of “Edge Rank” in a way that is easily understood and implemented.  This is information that small business owners need to compete with larger competitors.  These are the techniques being employed by top Fortune 500 businesses on a scale that can be understood and implemented immediately.

Hospitality Formula Consulting is offering this book as a free gift for visiting our website.  We believe that reading this book and applying the concepts within it will make a significant impact on the profitability of your business.  Please accept this gift with our compliments.



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