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About Us

Hospitality Formula Consulting is a Kansas City search engine optimization, website design, and online marketing company.  We focus on providing superior results for our clients at reasonable prices by utilizing a variety of strategies.  Our customized solutions create comprehensive online marketing plans for our clients by recommending only the services that will produce the maximum return on investment.

Hospitality Formula Consulting was founded by David Hayden, a noted restaurant industry consultant, blogger, and author.  David created a series of websites collectively known as The Hospitality Formula Network.  In under a year, this network of restaurant industry blogs grew from 1,000 visitors a month to nearly 25,000 visitors a month.  As his consulting business grew, restaurant owners kept asking the same question, “How can I get better results from my online marketing?”

David soon began using the same search engine optimization techniques for his clients that he had used for his own websites.  Even in the highly competitive restaurant industry, his clients began rising to the top of Google search results.  This led to local website design companies outsourcing their search engine optimization projects to him.  Behind the scenes, he was able to produce impressive results for their clients.

Hospitality Formula Consulting is the culmination of years of studying strategies and producing results for our clients.  We are committed to staying on the cutting edge of online marketing and website design, while keeping the focus on providing maximum value to our clients.  We believe the internet is the great equalizer for small businesses competing with larger competitors.  The first step is contacting us for a no-obligation consultation and seeing how we can help your business succeed.