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Search Engine Optimization

As a Kansas City search engine optimization company, Hospitality Formula Consulting works to provide quantifiable results to our clients.  Online marketing does not have to be a guessing game.  We focus on using proven strategies to move our clients’ websites higher in Google search results.  The difference this can make on a small business’ revenue is significant.

How important is Google search to traditional “brick and mortar” businesses?  97% of American internet users use the web to shop, of which 57% characterize their behavior as “shop online, purchase offline” (NPD Group).  This means the first impression you make on a potential customer is often through your website.

Whether or not you get the opportunity to make that impression depends on how well your website ranks when someone is searching for your product or service.  The graphic below shows how placement in Google search results impacts the number of people who see your website.

Kansas City Search Engine Optimization

As you can see, nearly half of those searching for the good or service you provide will choose a competitor if you are not in the top three results.  Not showing up on page one means passing up 85% of your potential customers.  If your business is not on the first two pages, only 1% of your potential customers are seeing your business.

This is why Hospitality Formula Consulting focuses on providing superior search engine optimization to our clients.  Search engine optimization is best defined as providing the signals to Google that encourage them to show your website higher in search results.  Google uses a very complex and ever-changing algorithm to determine which sites should show up first, second, and so on.  We study this algorithm to find opportunities for our clients to rank higher.

Search engine rankings are complex and based on a number of factors.  These factors include both the design of a website and the overall internet presence of the business.  For this reason we focus on building well optimized websites and making sure it is well represented on other websites with high authority around the web.

The first step in getting more customers is to make more people aware of your business.  The easiest way to do this is getting your website in front of people who are searching for the product or service you provide.  This can be achieved through strategic implementation of a plan customized for your business.  It all starts with contacting Hospitality Formula Consulting, a Kansas City search engine optimization specialist, today for a complimentary analysis of your website and online presence.